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 July 2007 Online Conformation Show

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July 2007 Online Conformation Show Empty
PostSubject: July 2007 Online Conformation Show   July 2007 Online Conformation Show Icon_minitime3/10/2010, 15:10

Originally posted by Shepaluteprez on June 30, 2007.

General Information:
1. Online show judge will post scores for each category here.
2. This is a fun match and points earned will only reflect your dog's general appearance as the judge can see from the pictures. (Temerament and gate cannot be judged here and those points will only be awarded at the Alsatian Shepalute gathering each February.)
3. Winners will receive ribbons and points depending on the amount of Alsatian Shepalutes entered in that category. If a dog enters enough online shows to earn 15 points, the dog will receive an e-CH before their name on all pedigrees. (not to be mistaken for Champion, which can only be awarded from in-person shows)
4. Round 1 of this show begins July 1st and ends July 7th. If there are more than two dogs in a class, round 2 begins July 8th through July 14th.

1. Photos must have been created on or after June 1st.
2. Photos must show enough of the dog so the judge can see the leg structure, the rump, the neck and the head, three photos of each side is preferable.
3. No photos of a sitting or laying down dog will be excepted.
4. This fun match may include spayed/neutered animals.
5. No other animal can be included in the photo.
6. Please include which class you are entering in your photo description. See Below.
7. A class must have at least two dogs entered to win.
8. Dog must be registered with the NASR to enter any confirmation class.

Categories or classes:
1. Best Outcross (f-3 and up)
2. Best male Pure of Breed
3. Best Female Pure of Breed
4. Best Puppy (male or female) under 6 months
5. Best "Wolfie" Photo of an Alsatian Shepalute (don't have to be registered with NASR to enter this one.)
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July 2007 Online Conformation Show
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