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 Designer Breeds

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PostSubject: Designer Breeds   Designer Breeds Icon_minitime3/10/2010, 15:28

Originally posted by Shepaluteprez on Dec. 20, 2008.

So, I've recently read through a dog chat that was talking about breeders of designer dogs. Of course, they placed the Alsatian Shepalute into this "derogatory" category claiming that the breed founder of this breed only wanted to mix two breeds together and sell this "new" breed for a bunch of money, intentionally disregarding health and vitality to produce as many pups as she could sell. I just have to say how much I hate it when people assume things about others. The people in this group go on to say how a good breeder will have a specific purpose in mind and create standards and rules governing the breeding of the two different breeds of dogs. How the breeder should be VERY sure that the two dogs bred have the qualities to enhance the breed further. They also say that a new breed should not claim to be a breed until at least the 10th generation (which is way past even what AKC requires) as well as not showing the breed to the public until the breed breeds "true." The sad thing is that if people were generally interested in finding out about the breed and did their homework, they would know that the breeder of the Alsatian Shepalute is ALL of those qualities they said should be in a good breeder of a new breed of dog. She started this breed in the 1980's with a solid reason and purpose behind them. She did not "show" this breed to the public until the year 2000 when the breed first started to really look and act like she envisioned them. She had United Kennel Club and The Rare Breed Club ask to sponsor her "new" breed and refused the recognition based on the fact that her breed wasn't ready for such a diversion from her ideals. She continues to refuse breed club certification (although she could easily get recognized by them and they continue to ask her to register with them.) There are over 15 generations of pure-bred Alsatian Shepalutes now and she has made sure that only healthy, vital dogs were bred to better the breed. The most important breed quality in the Alsatian Shepalute breed standards is personality and temperament, which is what people who assume claim her breed is lacking. Health and vitality is closely monitored and each dog is checked for over a hundred possible genetic problems. This kind of disregard and meanness from those who assume just shows their ignorance and frankly, I do not understand their need to say these things about others when they do not research and know for sure what they say is true. I have done my research and I would not back this dog without 'knowing' the truth from the founder herself. I've looked through her records and seen her notes. She has binders and binders full of notes and pictures of each and every dog who has given it's genes to the dogs now being bred. We are a small group of dedicated owners on purpose. We don't need recognition and we are not out to promote our breed to gain the most recognition from the masses. But, I hate to read lies from others who do not care, but who just want to hurt others with their filth. I want those out there who do care to hear the truth, not assumptions from those who do not know. If you are truly interested in the beginnings of this breed and all the data that has gone into its creation, just ask the founder. She will be happy to show you and help you learn about the truth of this breed. Don't assume things, learn about the truth from the one who knows.
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Designer Breeds
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