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 Sophie: Permission to Cross-Post Granted

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Sophie: Permission to Cross-Post Granted Empty
PostSubject: Sophie: Permission to Cross-Post Granted   Sophie: Permission to Cross-Post Granted Icon_minitime25/3/2010, 17:18

Originally posted by Wolfspirit on January 16, 2006.

OMG, I am soooo happy to read this following letter!!! I want you all
to read this...

This lady actually followed my orders... OMG. I am simple so happy I can
jump up and down and cry out for joy.... aaaahhhhh you
made my day girl!!!

Oh, let me tell you alittle about this lady Vicki ... she got the ghost...
a simply huge and beautiful pup. I just loved this dog..

OK, they are in Texas and Tom is her husband and he is going to be waiting
for the lord to come get him soon. Vic is a lady with a sold gold
heart ... her husband told vic that she could get a puppy from me as it would
probably be the last thing he could ever give her.


In a message dated 1/12/2006 9:37:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] writes:

Things are going MUCH better now. Since she no longer
has 'the pack' to help her learn her manners, I have to be her 'pack' AND I am
Alpha & she recognizes that quite well.

She is doing really good with the vocalizing because
I correct her immediately at the slightest sound.

So far I am only using a regular flat collar. She
is SO responsive to my corrections, I feel that if I just had time to spend
with her 24/7, in a week or two she would be perfect. But I am amazed at
how quickly she learns.

I had put her in the kennel for an hour, she spent
most of that time screaming. but after a bit she got quiet. She was still
quiet when I let her out. Of course she wanted to be hyper (with joy) but I
told her to SIT & she did!!!!!

I keep her at my side as much as possible. When I
can't do that she goes into the kennel.

ANY other ideas, Lois?

As per your orders she is never allowed to
play or be off leash except on my terms. No freedom for her except when I am
with her, watching. That seems to make a big difference!!!!
(That is something I never did before.)

She spends the night with me in my room, only needing
to go "out" once last nite. When she would whine I would jerk on her leash
& say QUIET. I never yell at her but she knows I mean business. FIRM &
POSITIVE She even knows "shush! & hush" so far I haven't had to use
shutup. I must get her totally under control while she is little (???
she is almost as big as Ayla & weighs more already.) I think she is a
softer dog than Koda.

At times when I am SO busy I kinda wish I had waited
till "this ordeal" is over because I am so torn between wanting to spend every
moment with Tom & needing to give her my undivided attention. But once he
knew I wanted her he insisted we get her while he could still see her. I
knew it would be challenging! Her training is going so well (when I
tend to it) that I suspect that I expect a little too much from one so young,
well .... perhaps not ... LOL I kinda get the feeling that she will do
whatever I expect from her.


PS: I will send these short notes as
I can find the time. Any helpful suggestions are welcome!

"A positive
attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort. "

"You can't change
the direction of the wind, but you can adjust

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Sophie: Permission to Cross-Post Granted
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