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 Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

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PostSubject: Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks   25/3/2010, 17:22

Originally posted by Wolfspirit on January 16, 2006.

You cant teach an ol dog a new trick by Lois Schwarz

This statement so wrong is also so true. How you might say, is that?
Well, lets put it like this, its easier to train a puppy than an

What does all this mean?

Train your puppy now and train him how you want him to be when he is 100

Does your eight week old puppy run through the house?

Now, see the 100 pound adult running through the

Why do you allow your eight week old puppy to run through the house when
at eight months old your baby still thinks he is a puppy?

My dogs know the word walk!
Its the funniest thing to see a happy go lucky dog, just stop, hang his
head and walk slowly over to the fireplace to lie down. Then comes the reward.
Yes, always. Even at ten years old the dog gets a reward. Always. The rewards
never stop coming. Its called reinforcement. One day when we dont have any
rewards, the dog will still do what he is told. In expectation of a reward you
say? Nope, because the dog understands what is being said.

The reward is just that, a reward.

I use to train obedience classes and I also trained a three day crash
course in which I called Doggy boot camp. It cost the owner 100.00 for food
and boarding plus training. The owners would get a prepared manual, especially
written for them to read while the dog is in boot camp."

Now when the owners come to pick the dog up, the dog is not the same dog.
What the owner use to see was an out of control pit bull, Labrador, German shep, Rottweiler, or
Dalmatian who was simply crazed out a wild and lucky dog who was given

Some of the things the owners would say were: this dog is crazy this dog is stupid this dog was abused this dog will not learn this dog is too hyper.

Now, when the owners come to pick up the dog Lois set's the stage.
Sit here and do not move, do not talk, do not call the dog to you, just sit and

Then Lois would go get Fido.

Lois would make sure they saw her get him out of a vari kennel.

Was that my dog in that vari kennel not making a
sound? They would ask

Out comes Fido, looking at Lois in the face and asking her what do you
want me to do? or what shall we do now?

Then Fido gets the leash hooked on to his choke chain or pinch collar and
Fido is still sitting there?

Then Fido gets a pat on the chest, and Fido is still
sitting there! Fido's butt didn't come of the ground!

Then Lois speaks heel and guess what? Fido circles around Lois's back
side and comes to a halt on Lois's left side and sits. And Fido is still looking
at Lois! Ahhhh what powers does she possess? How is this possible? That cannot
be our dog, but yet, it looks like our dog?

Then Lois moves and Fido gets up and walks, not runs and he doesn't jump
with excitement. Lois stops and Fido sits and looks at Lois. Lois tells Fido to
stay and walks 8 feet away from Fido and Fido just sits there! Then of all
things, Lois pulls on the leash, and Fido refuses to move! That cannot be our

Then Lois walks all the way around Fido and comes back to Fido's side and
Fido is still waiting right there!

Lois walks again and without a sound Fido gets up and walks happily
beside her, they run and Fido keeps up. Then Lois turns and Fido makes a circle
in back of Lois and comes up on her left side, still in a completely controlled

Lois walks by some kids and Fido is still heeling. Lois walks by a toy
poodle and Fido looks at the poodle and Lois jerks the pinch collar and
Fido looks up at Lois and continues the heel without skipping a beat, Lois
smiles down at Fido and tells him what a good dog he is and Fido wags his

Lois heads for the owners car and stops by the back door. Fido sits when
Lois stops and he waits. Lois tells Fido wait there and she shows Fido
the palm of her hand. Fido waits as Lois opens the door. Lois counts out
loud to 10 then tells Fido to hup into the car and Fido gets in with one bound
and sits there waiting.

Lois then goes to the owners. "Your dog is a very intelligent dog. Your
dog and I communicated. I showed Fido the secret language; did you read your

The owners are speechless and
their mouths are agap. And then reality sits in it wasn't the dog at all then,
could it be, yes I think it must have been, US!!!

Lois sees that the owners have got it. She smiles and sits with them as they
talk. Every now and then the owners glance over to the car and there is their
loving companion sitting in the back sit, waiting

Lois now shows the owners the secret communication, the body language and
then she gives the owners more homework. This time the homework is handwritten
and spelled out in a time line of what they must do with their Fido to keep the
training and communication going.

Lois then gets up and shows them how to walk, how to talk, and how to act
like a tornado and how to reward their Fido with sounds that emanate out of
their soles.

The owners hug Lois and drive off in their car with Fido lookin out the
window of the back sit.

Bye dear friend I shall miss you
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PostSubject: Re: Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks   25/3/2010, 17:27

Originally posted by Wolfspirit on June 28, 2006.

Female dogs (bitches) are more protective than males. Males seem to want
the foreign dog to come on it so they can hump it. lol ... or try to...

Female dogs are protecting their dens ... there
territory, their puppies and so on. They are not friendly with other dogs, male
or female cause they do not want anything from them, unless!!!! They are
in heat. When in heat then it is "come on in guys and lets see which one of
you is not intimidated by me?

the male stud dog must be able to bark louder than
the bitch (so too speak). a male stud must be intimidating and mean it until he
gets what he wants. Fights might insue but only enough to put the females in
their place. Once the female is undercontrol and only then, can the male safely
negotiate the breeding. if the female is not thoroughly submissive to the male
this female may turn on the male while the male is "hooked up" and tear or harm
the male.

To teach a female who has been top dog in a kennel and on a farm to be nice
to other dogs may be difficult, but not impossible. Sooner/Odessa is only four
or five so you have plenty of time to teach her to behave.

usually a dog will not fight or is intimidated to
approach another dog (foreigner) on territory that is not
theirs. Trainers use that to our advantage and take the female
off her territory to a dog class. usually you will see that the aggressive
female is now uncertain and will not act so tuff.

When she finds out that it is OK (by the owner) to
bark or attack strange dogs then humans begin to think that the dog is
protecting them. Most humans enjoy this and encourage it or laugh about it.

the dog has an aggressive gene and is usually a
female but can be either sex if the owner has taught his dog to be aggressive by
allowing the dog to be that way (maybe unknowingly).

Since I know you and I know that you will not allow
her to be that way when you are there, she will not be that way in your

sooner/Odessa is very aware of her owners presence
and will not do anything wrong at all When you are around or if there is
a leash attached to her collar. Try me out ... she is very wise.

You will be able to go around all dogs ... but
watch her! A small dog is prey as we allowed our dogs to kill squirrels
and possums and such...

This is an instinct you cannot take out of the
canine. You may modify it but you cannot ever take it out of a canine.

I hope this has helped you.

Lois Schwarz
Schwarz Farms
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Posts : 1284
Points : 1747
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Join date : 2010-03-17
Age : 43
Location : Vallecito Lake, CO

PostSubject: Re: Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks   25/3/2010, 17:28

Originally posted by Vicci Rose on January 16, 2006.

One can take a wonderful, smart, quiet dog and
"RUIN" him by lack of training and discipline.

Then you have to put him down or else find someone
else who knows how & is willing to UNDO what has been done. I
firmly believe that any dog is what you make of it,
starting as a very young puppy.

A 'ruined' dog can be rehabilitated, but not without help
from a person who REALLY understands dogs.

My family says, "I thought that this was a quiet well
behaved dog".

I said. "It is a puppy! It has the potential to be, but I have to teach it. It is ready
for the molding". And she IS much quieter than most puppies we have had
before. GSD, Terriers, Shelties, Rottweilers, Poodles, Labradors, Collies
& many mixes.

The teaching is the joy! With Sophie
she learns SO easily & is so happy when she pleases me, she just wiggles
all over. I do too, inside but I have to remain calm, because I can
see the potential to get hyper. I like to use praise & some
treats. Kindness & FIRMNESS & consistency. Always be

I'm no expert, so all this is just my opinion, but it works for me.

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PostSubject: Re: Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks   

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Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
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