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 Sophie Rose

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PostSubject: Sophie Rose   25/3/2010, 17:32

Originally posted by Vicci Rose on January 12, 2006.

Are you kidding ? Nothing fazes this

We had fireworks & guns & shotguns
& NOISE all night long
New Years eve.

She slept thru it all.

I just keep her on my arm to keep her close.
It is a 4ft leash, about right for the purpose.

I am gonna have a hard time finding a class
for obedience training down here in the boonies,

but I want her to have the

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Posts : 1284
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Join date : 2010-03-17
Age : 43
Location : Vallecito Lake, CO

PostSubject: Re: Sophie Rose   25/3/2010, 17:34

Originally posted by Wolfspirit on January 12, 2006.

i am so glad to hear that cause i purposely bred over 18 generations of
strong temperaments and specially chose the pups who didn't care about noise ...
now you know that when you get a dog that isn't "touch sensitive" and can handle
everything, there is a good side/and a bad side about that. Now I say
touch sensitive because these dogs are emotionally sensitive ... they do not
like your disapproval and sometimes pout, but bounce back easy.

what I call a hard dog is a dog you can hit over the head and it
doesn't care, he says "what do you want me to do now? you mean i cant eat the
post man?" (i don't hit him over the head either, that is a figure of

the good side: Nothing freaks the dog out. You can go
hunting, shooting, Fourth of July parades, fireworks, you name it and your dog
is what is called "sound" in other words doesn't freak out.

the bad side: the dog is not easily phased ... its like,
as he gets older and if he hasn't been trained, then playin the tornado game
doesn't really phase him. so what i sometimes have to do is really emphasis the
tornado, when i first am teaching a dog my disapproval. when the dog learns
the tornado approach, then the dog 'sees the tornado comin and stops his
behavior before it gets to him. But if the dog is not trained, then you
get what holly has. A stubborn out witting dog who will do what ever it wants. a
dog that nothing will phase. A hard dog.
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Sophie Rose
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