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 Questions about Food

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PostSubject: Questions about Food   Questions about Food Icon_minitime25/3/2010, 17:37

Originally posted by Wolfspirit on January 14, 2006.

Treats should always be in proportion to the size of the dog. In my
experiences of watching folks give their dogs treats or rewards i have found
that all of them (who were not proff. dog trainers)
always gave far too much a reward to the animal.

Why is this important?

Because the reward only really works to its best advantage when the reward
is something that the animal presides to be good, not what the owner or (human)
thinks the dog should crave and that the animal wants more of...

That is the number one thing a human dog trainer should remember, the
animal must want the item that the dog trainer wishes to reward the animal with.
Now, a proff. trainer also adjusts the reward as to the amount of response he
wishes to get from his dog.

lets say i want the dog to "get" something and i do not have a lot of
patience and i want the animal to get it really good. i dont like to play
around. i like to teach an animal something and i want to make sure the animal
is really going to get it the first time. maybe i will spend 1 min.
teaching (I know I am really lazy!!)

OK, I figure out which item the dog really wants.

Now some items the dog may want right now, and not later, some items the
dog will do anything for, and I am talkin bite your hand off now, to get

The trainer has to know his animal. The trainers job is to figure stuff
like this out..lots of animals crave different things and they crave them all

A reward is something I give the dog and he wants more of it. And there are
levels of rewards. lets say, a good reward, a great reward and a "i will kill
for it" reward.

But you cannot give the dog too much of the reward or the reward is not
perceived as a reward any longer. You must give only a small amount a taste ...
sometimes only a lick of the juice of the hot dog is enough or all he gets and
he will want more ... understand?

OK, now I am going to teach you all the mother load ... are you

Here is the mother load of all secrets...

the nutritional value or what your dog is eating and/or what your
dog has in its belly Is the secret to training a dog now. I mean
right now, for your dog to want to learn and .... Retain what it has learned and
.... Never forget what it learns...

what does that mean?

1. You must feed your dog equivalent to what you are doing to train your

say you are training your dog to be the fastest running animal on the
planet ... you know that you must nutritionally build your dog so that its body
can actually perform such a feat? the dog must be in the best of health and you
must slowly build body tissue and muscle mass in the animal so that the animal
can perform such a feat? this takes a rigorous schedule, planning and
maintenance schedule per day, per week, per month, to build all this up...

OK, Say that you just want your dog to sit. And you want to do it now. in
one motion. In one word. in one minute and you want it to last forever

Here is the mother load...

do not feed your dog for 6-12 hours before you teach the dog
the trick. The more hungry he is the more he will learn and retain
what he has learned. Now do not tell anyone this secret and you will be ahead of
the others.

Then reward the dog with one hot dog cut up into 100 tiny pieces and put
those pieces in a baggy.

Step one. Teach the dog that the English word sit, means to, (and place the
dog in a sit) then give the dog a small piece of that hot dog...

now, Jim knows that dog is going to take his fingers off.... So Jim pulls
his hand away and the dog gets up to get the piece ... wrong move. Owner/trainer
fault.... Not the dogs fault. it is never the dogs fault!!
bbbeeeeppppp the bell goes off and you loose.

So lets put on our thinking caps and figure out a way to give
the hungry dog that reward without making the dog move...

Close your fist. Dah...

when the dog puts his butt off The
floor, (tornado...... ) Wham... right now, right as the butt comes off the
floor... expect it.... And watch for it. but...

If it doesn't, open your fist ... and reward the dog for not getting

If your dog gets excited by your voice, do not say anything...

Do it again.

do it again

and again

now, walk two feet away and call the dog to come along with you...
now tell the dog to sit and place the closed fist above the dogs head 2 ft. up
from the dogs eyes and tell the dog sit. when the pups butt goes down (because
the dog must sit to see the hand because his body is on the same plane as the
floor perpendicular, and in order to see up over his head his butt must go down
and his head up to see the hand.) whalla and another dah...





And reward...

Do it once more to know that the dog has got it...

And then do the same thing with the down...

This time the placement of your closed fist is between the front legs 1
inch infront of where the nose can smell the fist. Any further from the nose and
the animal will get up to go to the fist. and then YOU ARE
WRONG again ... the dog is never wrong. It is always
your fault for doing something wrong not the pups.

if for any reason the pup is not doing what you (the intelligent human
being wants) ... then you are not so smart as you think...

Go get a book ... on training your dog cause you have fooled yourself into
believing that you are an animal/dog trainer superior...


Now questions about raw foods.

I have found that my animals like their "raw" foods cooked in a pressure
cooker for about 10 minutes or so. And then they like the juice over the

now, rodents they like raw. squirrels, gophers, mice, birds, etc. they only
like them raw because they are still alive. if they were dead, they wouldn't
like them as much, but ... since there are 5 dogs in the kennel, the dominate
one must eat it. lol

If I threw a raw whole chicken in the kennel, sooner and winny would scrap
for it. Maybe the little ones, but they are older now and would be told to leave
the scene by the bitches.

If I bought chicken wings I would give one frozen wing to a pup of 10 weeks
or older as a treat, but nothing bigger because I want my dogs to eat the food I
prepare for them.

If I wanted to get my dog a bone to keep him busy then I would either pick
up a raw hide bone or a real bone from the butcher.

If I couldn't find real bones I would get human stew bones for the younger
dogs only as the older dogs would/could choke on them. Too small.

I hope all this answers your question..
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Questions about Food
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