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 The BEST Trained Dog EVER!!!

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PostSubject: The BEST Trained Dog EVER!!!   The BEST Trained Dog EVER!!! Icon_minitime25/3/2010, 17:44

Originally posted by Lois Schwarz on February 20, 2006.

OK, you want me to break it down for you?

In this clip of the best trained dog ever, this dog has learned the

All routine ... the game is a routine.

When the lady began the training for this routine game she started with a 2
min. routine. They practiced this routine over and over. during the practicing,
she showed the dog what she wanted it to do...

it was a short little ditty ... say, go in and out my legs as i walk. this
did not require to much attention to the face, this required the dog paying
attention to the movement of the ladies legs. when the leg would open the dog
would scoot through. when the dog did so many "going through the legs" the dog
would sit and would receive a hot dog slice from the lady's lips (mouth) the
reward came from the head of his owner. In this way the dog seems to be paying
attention, and is looking for the reward. had it come from the hand the dog
would be looking at the hand.

Now know that that training was maybe a year before this performance.

The dog was then taught the next ditty.

The next ditty was to heel beside the lady while looking at the face. The
hot dog is in the lady's mouth. when the lady would stop the dog would sit and
still look at the mouth of the lady. The lady would reach up to the mouth and
take a piece of hot dog out and give it to the dog. then the exercise would be
over ...

the trainer lady always saw the stress level and energy level of the dog.
if the dog appeared not to be interested in the training, the lady would put the
dog away or up. the dog learned to give more time to the training in bits ...
soon the dog was spending a straight 10 mins each training session and not
stressing out. the lady made sure the dog had fun and enjoyed the training so
the dog could go a longer time without too much stress.

The complete dance is a bunch of ditties ... put together. Segments.
if you rematch the dance you can see each individual ditty or segment that the
lady worked on with her dog.

That dog must be about 2 years old or older.

with a pup as young as yours you need to ask the dog to "watch me" for a
certain amount of time. if you are boring the pup is not going to watch you. but
if your dog is hungry, before you feed your dog, and your dog sees the hot dog
in your mouth, knows it is there and you bend over and let the dog have some of
the hot dog from your mouth then the dog will understand watch me means that
there is a hot dog in your mouth. The dog will look for the hot dog.

when the dog is about to look away, bend over slowly and keep your dogs
attention by showing the dog the hot dog. if the dog gets up from the sit, tell
the dog to sit ... then let the dog have a taste of the hot dog. back up a tad
with your head, then move your head towards the dogs head, let the pup get
another taste of the hot dog, then back the head up a tad ... then come forward
again and give the dog another taste. Use "watch me" and it will appear
that the dog is actually watching you, which he is ... for a hot dog.

As the dog gets older watch me will mean look at my mouth...

the trainer must not let the dog look away ... that is your job ... to keep
the dogs attention for a period of time. if you stress the dog too long, the dog
will not enjoy it and will look away and get punishment. your job is to keep the
pups attention on your lips with the hot dog. when the timing is right give the
dog a taste. back up, come forward, another taste and so on...

that is the beginning of the training "watch me"

After a couple of months your dog will learn to watch you for longer
periods of time, waiting for that hot dog. Like dogs that beg ... at the dinner
table. when puppies, they do not beg for long, but they learn that if they beg
long enough..... and longer ... they will finally get that little taste or
morsel of food ... cause the food reward is sooooo strong.

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The BEST Trained Dog EVER!!!
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